Boots galore

You cant beat a bit of silver birch for a good photograph. I had so much fun in the Autumn sunshine taking pictures. Its that time of year again, where everything is glowing.

We are currently finishing orders ready to start on new stock from 1st November onwards. Expect a variety of styles, sizes and colours. Do follow on instagram or facebook for regular updates of whats on the worktable each day. I have to admit I am more than a little bit excited about this. It's when my job ceases to be work and becomes, very much, a case of "What colour shall I play with today?" Expect lots of work in progress shots and lots of special editions.
I have rolls of leather on my shelves that have been left dreaming for far too long.

The euphoria is likely to last several months...

I've made some real beauties lately and there are more to come soon.

Ren x

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