Books and programmes which inspire!

People take inspiration from so many different sources but I thought I should share a few of mine!
'The 1940s house'. I LOVED this television series (I rarely watch the gogglebox so it had to be good!). I think we have so much to learn from this period in our recent history. They valiantly fought a war then, our new war is on waste!
'Tales from the green valley'. This is a must see. Beautifully filmed and the whole series just makes you want to move in!!! The same team made the recently shown 'Victorian Farm'.
Both are available via
And books.... well there are so many!!!
I personally collect out of print handcraft manuals which I find fascinating to read last thing at night. Old cookery books, likewise are a favourite. There have been recent reprints of wartime issued literature which are very interesting.
An example can be viewed here.
I have every copy of the original 'Home Farm' self sufficiency magazines, first published in the 1970's when so many people were inspired to be self reliant. They hold a mine of knowledge.
I bet you have a book or a film that inspires you! If you do then please share it here, it may inspire someone else to do great things on the new homefront.
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