Blossom and buns...

They always make me want to smile!
The winter has been so long that I had almost forgotten how happy blossoms make me feel.
Chocolate buns (recipe from back of old cocoa tin) perfection...
The cake tins are full again for 5 minutes...
And although this is nothing to do with blossoms or buns, I had to share this picture taken in the week. I always cook piles of popudums (Ive spelt that wrong I think!) when I make spiced food. These were stacked in front of a side light and they glowed... isnt it just magic!

Sunday sees me catching up on housework, cooking leek and potato broth with cheese and mustard scones for lunch, then brambley apple and blueberry crumble with custard for tea. All key vegetable and fruit ingredients homegrown which is rather nice. Inbetween, Im watching little people jumping about on ponies and hopefully cracking on with the dressmaking which I started last Sunday.

Hope you all have a good one!
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