Blitzing the kitchen...

Back on the ‘free your home’ adventure my dears. Corner room shelf units removed and rehomed in shed. Kitchen reshuffle next. Decided to move my dresser into my studio/workshop as a packing and ribbon station. moving it temporarily into corner room. Big pantry cupboard at foot of stairs which is in an awful position is moving into dresser space. I’ve got two of these. Painting it a light creamy colour to reflect light. On on…

On second thoughts… never did the cook books and they can go with all the others to bookcycle so will wash and sort those first me thinks. Got to be a good bin liners worth here. 40 black bags so far…

All cook books… going…

This shelf cleaned, sorted, two and a half empty to take some dresser bits :) brill.

Behind the dresser we found miss haversham… yuk!


What fun under here… :( all stuffed behind the pantry cupboard... thats the problem with hidden spaces.

I can see my lovely stairs again. Will paint underneath part in the green I think. Repainting actual stairs in pale cream, but that can wait a while yet. Have to finish the stairwell tomorrow :)
I actually feel I’m getting somewhere now. Thank you all for holding my hand. Mr fairysteps was a godsend today sorting and lifting heavy furniture. Have a great weekend all. I’m off to ask Mr F if he will take me out on the motorcycle :)

So much nicer with the pantry cupboard by the table :)
So tired! Calling it a day, and its been a jolly long one. It’s so depressing and shameful that I’ve stopped counting the bin liners now. 25 years of waste… o dear. 
Live and learn so it’s all good :)

Ren x
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