Blacks too black...

Did I mention my old machine died?? I bought a replacement, chosen specifically for its beefy ability to chomp through heavy fabrics... BUT, it was black... I hadnt realised how much difference this would make to sewing. It makes its little headlamp seem very feeble when sewing.
I googled google for images of sewing thread, etc and then printed off a sheet of labels. I wont be using these for selling or anything so dont think copyright will be a problem. I stuck them all over the big black beast to help lighten things up.
Isnt it fan dabby dozy!!!
My BIG extra task today was to clear the dressmaking table of the built up debris that has been collecting for several months now! Clearing piles of rubbish before embarking on a sewing adventure takes away all enthusiasm! I am desperate for some new skirts and just havent been getting on with them. I have no excuse now! I love knee length A lines with petticoats underneath and could do with some more! Its got so cold Ive even considered chopping up a woollen blanket to make one... blanket knickers next...

Last notes:
This batch of 7 shoes is all but complete and Im so excited to show you all. Work went slowly today due to a mishap yesterday. I slipped on a snowy slope yesterday and landed hard on my good shoulder, but really jolted the bad one. As I lay there on the floor, skirt up around my chest, ones partly bare bottom frozen to the snow and my arm feeling like it probably wasnt attached anymore, I was quite upset... Sweet tea served in rosy bone china was administered by littlest on our return home which revived me! But today, by golly was I aching!!!
I count my blessings that I landed on my good side! What an adventure!!!

No sledging for me tommorow... Hope everyone else is having snowy fun though.

Ren x
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