Birthday treat....

Did I mention that I am approaching my 40th birthday?? It hardly seems possible!! Only yesterday I was 6!!

Its a wonderful thing, growing up. I feel ready to grow up, I know what I like and dont like now more than ever before. Its a blessing because I can avoid all the bits I dislike and immerse myself in all the bits I do like.

Hooray for growing up!!

Im going to have a quite day at home being treated like a Queen....

Ive treated myself in advance by buying a new Dvd to add to my select collection. I bought Larkins, The Darling Buds of May, the entire 3 series! This equates to a whopping 1001 minutes so naturally its going to be savoured slowly, the summer scenes, the family atmosphere, the 1950's dresses and vintage fabrics....

An episode at the end of the special day sat in front of the fire with my family... and knitting!

Happy New Year everyone!!

Last note: the website has been overhauled like the blog. Im speechless, the whole thing just matches everything I do so perfectly. Its the epitomy of quirk! I used a free background and header from Shabby blogs and then played around with text etc, ( I am trying to use the time wisely while the studio is out of action.... ). The Shabby blog terms of use say for personal use, which Im taking to mean for only your use and not selling on graphics and web templates etc, but to be doubly sure I have contacted them to ask if this is so. I would hate them to feel Ive been pilfering, perish the thought. I see the designer has an Etsy set for sale using similar graphics. Im going to have that me thinks!

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