Bike ride, peaches and unpicking...

I ended the week with a lovely bike ride nearby. Only about 6 miles but with fairly consistent hills it felt like double that! Saw this lovely ruin on the way. The quality of the stonework was amazing.

Passed a gateway with so little gate left in it that I wondered why they had even left the bits. Typical Devon gate lash up with baler cord and barbed wire!

We bought a tray of peaches and have eaten so many we all have tummy ache...

And... the yoked cardi / jumper has driven me so mad and taken so much precious time from other ongoing projects that I have decided to unpick and call it a day. Phew. The relief.

Loved the colours in this so I shall continue, but with another pattern that I know is working for me :)

Monday again, and before we know it Tuesday, so back to work good and proper.

Ren x
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