Best laid plans of mice and men...

Where have you been???

Apologies for the absence of late but Ive spent a rather horrid week in hospital with a loved one. A daily vigil of hand holding and loving and hoping.
A month of initial treatment lies ahead for loved one so a long stint of travelling and supporting is ahead before we can begin the ever hopeful road to recovery. And I am hopeful, and I am wishing and I am happy to help now when Im needed. And apart from the odd "Im home from hospital" mention I wont be blogging about this. BUT, I just wanted everyone to know that Im still here and will be in the weeks to come, just not as often!

Best laid plans... well, Im going to be running a little late with my mass shoe production plans (thank goodness I made lots of other stock in the past few weeks), BUT I have set up a small glove factory in the corner of the hospital... production is going well and it helps to while away the long hours of waiting. My knitting bag is shown above with a little peep of whats inside. As soon as I have time I will start listing in the shop. In fact my stay sane plan is to knit for a month! Ive sorted out some new designs and invented a few gloves and planned colour schemes.

So there we go! Life has gone yumpy, but its going to be OK... The shop will stay open and its business as usual. Orders will be fulfilled, parcels wrapped and treasures sent.
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