Berry red cardi finished at last... or is it?

At last... and what a job Ive had with this one! Because I used so much of this red in the BIG blanket for Mr Fairysteps birthday present, I was running rather short come finish. Actually, so short that I ran out in 3 places on the cast off on the front border. I had to steal the long ends on the sleeves that I leave for sewing up the arm seams, and then use a different wool for that job! Talk about frustrating. I spliced the wool and luckily it doesnt show. Phew!

I like the way the pattern has a narrow waist. I do like accentuating my waist, despite the fact that it always makes my bottom look ten times bigger.... sigh...

A nice little row of red mixed buttons, pilferred from my prized collection.

Only problem I have is that the whole thing seems so Plain... and Im not really into plain, never have been. The neck is so deep, its almost crying out for decoration. As much as I am desperate to now finish the mossy pullyover I am tempted to start knitting little leaves in green and brown and rusty orange... and stitch them all around the neckline interspersed with long bullion knots. And as I am typing this description its all appearing in my minds eye and now I know I have to do it... As its the weekend I may start later......

My clothes have moved from berry red and burnt orange to chocolate brown now with my new red and black stripies as a little hint of colour... I just bought this skirt from a charity shop this week past for £1. I spent £18 on a huge haul of goodies in there, including a beautiful embroidered dusky pink linen skirt. Only size 12 (I am a 14) but thats fine because Im chopping it up and turning it into a fairy skirt.... post on that I promise!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone, Im off to wash the dishes, pick runner beans and cooking apples, then make that peach jam!!!
I may sell this cardi in the shop....
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