Much of the wool that I spin is sourced from family and friends on local farms. The outbuildings overflow with raw fleece after each years clip...

I am entirely self-taught. The knitting bug started at the tender age of 6 and from then on I had the warmest dressed dolls in Devon!
A Great Aunt inspired me to spin at the age of 12 and by 14 I had saved enough money to buy my own spinning wheel (I use the same wheel now). Dyeing, naturally followed and has taken me to the heights of woolly pleasure. The joy of creating a rainbow in a dye pot is second to none! Each dye batch is different and never fails to cause great excitement! The only blip in the whole process is waiting for dyed wool to dry so that I can spin it! I have a deep love of wool and hope to inspire others to start their own creative journey with this wonderful medium.

It never fails to deliver.
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