As promised... bespoke bags

Ive had rather an avalanche of bespoke bag orders recently. Im going to share a few here!
A delicious POD made in 'thunder' antiqued leather.
And another made in deepest holly....
GYPSY in darkest chocolate....
And my goodness, look they are beginning to breed.... another one in Berry red this time!
The Fairysteps workshop has gone bag mad lately. I cant list them all here because Im sure there must be some rule about how long a post can be.....

2 enormous trolley bags of parcels will be lugged to the Post Office tommorow... and about the Post Office, Ive been talking to the postmaster and found out some very enlightening and yet depressing facts...

1. Apparently, if you send post via first class Royal Mail in the UK it will often as not be put on a 'mail plane' and taken to its UK destination. Yes you heard that right, airmail within this country even if you havent asked for it. I was speechless at this.
2. If I send parcels via surface overseas mail to countries across the globe, they will more often than not go into aeroplanes with the airmail post. Apparently they will be sat at docks in containers for certain periods of time and if they havent been able to get onto a ship the consignment of mail is then popped onto an aeroplane and taken out with the Airmail packages. I ask you!!!!!

Having looked into it all, debated at length, mulled it over for countless sleepless nights to then learn that what I thought or planned, meant diddly squat was a little disheartening to say the least. Presumably one cannot write in big red letters on parcels DO NOT PUT ME ON A PLANE. It would appear that surface mail is a bit of a farce and me hoping that its a greener option for Fairysteps and customers now seems a little silly. I may just go back to airmail and at least everyone will get their parcels quicker. I have found the whole post issue depressing to say the least, and not having clear information on the Royal Mail website as to how they actually deliver goods is rather misleading.
Rant over..... I dont ever want to hear the word... shipping... again....

On a brighter note, Im feeling well, my cold has gone, the moon is bright and delicately beautiful tonight, and yes I have been out and bowed politely to her this evening. My parcels are all packed, my house is clean and tidy (ish), Ive sorted 9 big bin liners for the charity shop tommorow, yes 9! Can you imagine how much room that has made! I also gave away 1 to a friend today. I am going to see my best friend tommorow morning to take tea in a kitchen which feels as if its mine, I feel so welcome and at home there.
And lastly, like many English Mothers today I am bursting at the seams with pancakes... expertly flipped by the tiny tiddlywink who I think may be a champion pancake maker.
I'm off to make my nightly hotty wotty botty and into bed with R. M. Dashwoods, 'Provincial Daughter'.
Bye for now x
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