Are you poisoning your family in the toilet?

If you have one of these (yes, my floor needs repainting....) then you will on occasion need one of these!
BUT instead of taking such drastic action as issueing gas masks, most people buy these (or ones like it)....
And not just these, spray fresheners, clip on the toilet rim freshening blocks, rings to go on light fittings that exude sweet smelling vapours when the bulb heats up...... A million and one different chemical concoctions, all unleashed in the tiniest space in the whole house, ready to be absorbed into your lungs.... Scary isnt it! Just because of smells!
But, a bad smell left in the toilet can be unpleasant, that I will admit! But what many people dont realize is that you dont need a host of plastic bottled, air polluting (not to mention expensive) chemicals to rid bad smells, all you need is a box of these!
It is the methane gas in an animals excrement that causes the smell to start with, and methane is flammable. Lighting a match and holding it over the toilet bowl untill it has burnt will quickly and effectively eradicate all nasty whiffs in a jiffy! If its REALLY bad, you might need 2!! Spent matches can be thrown into the toilet and flushed away!
How easy is that!
Why is using a match as a toilet freshener a green option?
  • Air bourne chemicals cant be healthy, can they? We dont even really know what efect they have on our bodies, yet we as a nation squit them all over our houses without giving it a second thought.

  • Respiratory problems such as asthma are increasing, especially in little ones, shouldnt we think carefully about vapourizing chemicals which we expose our childrens growing lungs to?

  • Think of the landfill caused by the plastic packaging used for presenting these products and the actual material that the products are made of.... not to mention the energy used during manufacture and the subsequent distribution to shops and supermarkets.... and finally back to our toilets.

  • If we are flushing these chemicals down our toilets into the waste water system where are they going? Out into our already polluted seas, or leaching through the ground into water courses.

  • There is only a set amount of water on this planet, there has only ever been, there only will ever be the same amount. Mother nature constantly recycles it, the sun evaporates it from the earth, where it condensates causing clouds in the skies.... subsequently falling back to earth as rain. That bleach is going to come back to you at some point....!

  • Matches are made of wood, a sustainable carbon nuetral resource. They are packaged in paper boxes... made from wood. They are fully compostable once spent. Find a toilet freshener that fills those green boots!

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