Another way to live...

Tiny tiddlywink on a very big horse!
Had a wonderful afternoon visiting eldest tiddlywink who is visiting travelling friends on their land for a while. We met some wonderful people who travel the lanes by traditional horse drawn wagons and live a very low impact way of life. Its something that Ive yearned for since about the age of 6... think I must have a teeny bit of gypsy in me somewhere.
I bought a wonderful copper handmade candlestick from a really lovely man who also gave me 2 clothes pegs that he was making while I was there. I sat by their fire pit, crocheting a new scarf and smiled inside and out.
I think I may well have to instigate a long adventure on the road next year with the family. Better start making panniers for the small pony and get Mr Fairysteps to get that cart built for the bigger one. Funnily enough we came up with a plan for a homemade wagon using an old dung spreader base (stop laughing...) and a tarp. I named it 'Bendigo' inside my head and what did we see today...
OK the base is prettier than a dung spreader but its all built with hazel rods and a tarp lined with old curtains.
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