Another blog with green posts.... why?

Because I'm human and I live here too..... just like you. I would like us to live here, happily for a long, long time. It would be nice for our children too, to see all of the treasures around them and know that their children will also benefit from the joy that mother earth can give.

Ive watched lots of environmental warnings on film, read articles in books, listened to radio discussions, heard well informed speakers.... maybe we all need to be speakers though because there are an awful lot people on this planet who just arent accepting climate change as reality.

I try to live a thrifty life (but in reality I could do better). I have skills which help me to be thrifty, I practice PRUDENCE wherever I can. Maybe I should pass on my skills to others. I dont mean that in a 'God, Im so clever, you must copy this', type of way either! I mean it in a 'This feels rather nifty doing it yourself', type of way!

So here we go, a few green posts summing up my lifes ethos, "We all have to go back to go forwards." Ive studied the social period of the second world war and always been amazed at how much we re-learnt through neccesity, because our little island was plunged into having to be self sufficient. Then the war ended and we lost it all and set about on a steady decline of knowledge. Especially of country lore, wisdom and skills. Im not sure that we are better off having lost these skills. Infact I think that those lost skills used to empower us. They gave us a sense of self reliance, sadly now missing from many peoples lives.
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