All Hallows Eve.... accessories

As promised.... pictures of the hat in daylight. See it doesnt look like cellophane now!

I stayed up rather late to get a TILLY neck cowl made which would go with the whole outfit. It HAD to be dark chocolate brown, the green one in the last post just was not doing it for me! I made matching chocolate grained leather buttons for it this morning.
The flowers took me an absolute age to make (STELLA you must spend day and night making yours!) but they look wonderful. Just my colour too!
I had to make a new big leather button for the jacket too. The other one was just too pale and I think the button ended up drawing it all together so the colour was important.
So there we have it..... a little pile of chocolatey coloured goodness to complete my outfit. A rather nice transformed hat, a Tilly scalloped edged woollen cowl and a pair of lacy fingerless mittens.....

The big event is tonight so I will be dressing up this afternoon. I know its not Halloween today but I like to spend special days at home so its off to the garden fire and brewing up hot tea in tin cups for me tommorow night...... a bath outside under the night sky might be in order too... I could sip tea in the bath then, a sort of double pleasure hit. Mmmmmmm....
And of course I need a big black cat.... luckily I already have one.... Zambi Bambi.... Isnt he beautiful.
Im off to find a helpful birch and hazel tree now to cut a stick and twigs to make a besom broom for tiny tiddlywink....

Happy All Hallows Eve to everyone x
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