Agatha, vintage style perfection

Another bag which was all cut and ready to sew from the studio.... There was brown thread waiting on the sewing machine and that sad little pile of leather, I had to do something!!!! Its so exciting watching something go from pieces to a finished article, especially when it turns into Agatha...

A perfect Jane Marple (in her younger days of course) handbag.

Im sorely tempted.... but I musnt, and anyway I have a new style already cut and in another pile ready to sew, called Clemmie. Shes going to be a stunner too!

Agatha is in the Dotty Spottle bags section of the Fairysteps shop here

All of these piles of pieces, I must get on with sewing! But before I stitch up any more stock bags I have a request for an even larger version of the wonderful GYPSY wild wood bag, so I have a new pattern to draft.... Its going to be BIG and beautiful.

The soling is going onto a pair of Moonshine and Peasblossom boots today... pictures as soon as they are ready!

Last orders please ladies and gentlemen, the last posting before Christmas is today!

The shop will stay open over Christmas if you want to place an order BUT posting wont be till after the 29th December now! Queries will all be dealt with after New Year! Time for festive fun for Mrs Fairysteps!!

xxxxx Have fun xxxxx

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