A week late, knitting and a book...

A quick update! In between bouts with the bucket (sickness bug going through the house like a flood... literally) and trying to stay unfolded, because my body seems to want to be a right angle at the moment. Ive given up on this though and decided to sit at my work table and try to focus on my end of year accounts. Sigh... it will pass. The bug quicker than the accounts, alas.

Onto nicer things. Arent these little scotch pine cones beauties! Littlest had some new friends to visit from the Home Ed group last week which was a treat. Their Mother (lovely lady) and I picked up a big pile of them. Im going to make some pine cone bunting for my front porch with them very soon. Pictures to follow...

And have we had a tea tray picture lately? I eat quite a lot of Jacobs crackers... with butter of course. Heaven. Perfect little mid morning snack when Im working.

I was sitting here and looking there! Littlest worked so hard in the garden last week. Here she is dealing with her sweetpeas! The garden is covered with campions at present, alongside the bluebells they look a treat.

And I must do a little plug for a new book that Littlest made for her Etsy shop! She even made little knitting needles for the front! And I recognise that ball band... I was just winding up a skein of it ready for a new hat! Its a multi section stitched book full of lots of pages ready for knitting notes or anything else! She loves making books and I am so proud her! Heres the book available for sale.

Apart from this and that Ive not done a great deal. Where does time go? I did finally make the decision though to stop himming and hahhing over my knitwear and where to sell it. Im selling all my leather and woollen goods together on Fairysteps. I just dont know how some sellers manage 2 shops or even more! Its enough work managing one! So... I spent an afternoon re photographing it all in a more professional manner! I think it looks so much better and my new white painted wooden board background is perfect. Especially for on Etsy. Have you noticed that nearly all the treasuries have items on white backgrounds. I didnt want plain white but the distressed white wood is a good compromise and it does add to cohesion. It seems to show truer colours as well.

Doesnt it make a huge difference! Im also working on a few new designs so excited about that. I couldnt imagine life without wool. I would go mad if I couldnt keep my fingers busy!

Well, I had better get back to the accounts...

Ren x
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