A new bag is born.....

Finished this one at 2'oclock this morning!
I have named it STUFF. Simply because I want a replacement bag to 'stuff' everything in! It appeals to the Mary Poppins in me.
Years ago I made a couple of very simple fabric bags with some Laura Ashley upholstery fabric bought in a sale. You know the type, the ones that take about 5 minutes to make. Two simple squares and a couple of short handles, maybe a little corner gusset for shaping. Anyway, the handles are threadbare and its only a matter of time before I start leaving a trail of belongings behind me so I had to reinvent something similar but a lot more durable.
I wanted a free standing base too so that it didnt keep toppling over. I cant bear to leave the house without yarn, notebooks for sketches, leather samples so Im never too far from a peice of leather..... plus the usual Mothers hoard of 'essentials'. I also dont like shoulder straps on large bags, they make me very lopsided and I can be lopsided enough without assistance! I like two handles to grip and change arms if I need to (just before the other one drops off).
I am offering it as a bespoke item because it turned out so perfectly and maybe there are others out there who need to carry a small house around with them.......
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