A naughty but nice moment...

Ive been very naughty and bought a new knitting book online... Im so excited for the Postman to bring it. I shall head off to bed early with my Horlicks once it arrives. Its called 'Knitting Fashions of the 1940s: Styles, Patterns and History'. Hope its all I expect and more. Ive sneeked a peek on Ravelry to see some of the patterns in advance but there arent many pictures posted.
Ravelry is a really good place to check out pattern books before buying them. Seeing finished projects from other knitters and reading their feedback on the patterns is very valuable.

I shall post as soon as it arrives...
In the meantime I have started the shaping for the armholes on the little brown Sparrow cardigan (the name suits I think!).
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