A million...

I feel as if Ive made a million items since the new year began, its been so busy! Never a bad thing…

Having completed a week of marking out and cutting, tomorrow will see me firmly placed at Reggies chair sewing for England. I always like this part of the ‘making’ process. Seeing piles of different coloured leathers placed out in neat piles, all ready for assembly is really exciting. Its bonkers too because Ive done it a thousand times and yet I still get a big buzz from each new batch!

My new ‘listing at a set time’ affair is going well, but setting myself the goal of doing this every Saturday was aiming a little too high me thinks. Saturday seems to come around so quickly, Ive hardly had time to draw breath! I dont think Im alone in this though, the old adage that time flies seems to become more relevant to me with each passing year.

I have 3 pairs of new boots to list tomorrow and also the prettiest little pair of Dark Brown CLARAs. Alongside will be 2 new THIMBLE bags. I have more bags but they match some nearly finished shoes so I will hold back on those. I rather like listing matching pairs now. Ive only just started doing so, but its something I would like to keep up.

Shocking weather continues in Fairysteps Land, but we did at least have a good spell of sunshine today, complete with a blue sky! It made getting in logs for the weekend a really enjoyable task. I will end with a picture of Jack soaking up a puddle of bright sunlight in the sitting room!
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