A day off to paint the world blue...

After struggling to adjust to the clocks changing (I get worse every year with this) and a spell of insomnia AND a poorly little one... I took the day off today!

As you know Ive been knitting like a woman possessed of late... trying to make as many hats and scarves as I possibly can for a Christmas charity fair. I think Ive clocked up about 15 so far...  I decided that my mannequin heads needed a revamp so using the airing cupboard paint (its called Dapple blue, isnt that a pretty name) I had a play! I had these pretty napkins in the cupboard too. I splashed on some paint and then carefully laid over the wet paint torn patches of napkin. It worked a treat! Rather wrinkly, rather patchy, rather unique... rather like me!

And to prove I wasnt just playing, I did actually finish painting the airing cupboard! Its a rather sombre colour, but, it will be perfect for my postcard collection. I will be doing an antiqued waxed finish over the top to age it down.

And finally a few new bits and bobs for the shop!

Im going to have a quiet Sunday doing... 
a bit of knitting, 
a bit of apple picking in the orchard,
a bit of clothes sorting, 
a bit of ironing, 
a bit of playing,
a bit of walking, 
a bit of cooking,
a bit if housework,
a deal of smiling!

Followed by an evening in the woods with my family, eating stew and dumplings in front of the bonfire, watching brave men (Mr F and Grandpa) light the Catherine wheels and dreaming under starry skies of the apple pie and cream that will follow...

Ren x
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