A brush with the brush...

Not only have I been busy decorating my rooms on the internet, but I have also been decorating at home...
On the left shows a dark green paint which I went through a phase of painting every door frame in the house with about 10 years ago. Its so dark and such a light sucker... I havent the energy to do it all at once so I am tackling it in stages. All the frames are undercoated, and I have started the much lighter cream on the walls.
Mr F finally finished the airing cupboard, adding the trims and knobs. Its ready now for me to undercoat and then put the top coat on. Ive chosen a really yummy pea green... He also made a new airing rack up above the 'new to us' Rayburn. Ive missed having an airing rack so much! Im chuffed as punch to have one again. He had to custom make one because the flu pipe is on the opposite side to our old stove.
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend x
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