A break from the brush...

Before I go completely insane, I have extracted myself from the tiddlywinks 'bedroom from hell decorating nightmare' and decided to divert my few unaddled brain cells with a blog post....
Big sigh.... utterly exhausted....
These patterns are my summer wardrobe plans. Ive seen tea dresses everywhere, except in my wardrobe. Being the worlds biggest tea drinker with at least 2000 tea bags on my dresser at any given time (stop smiling, Im not joking!) it occured to me that I really should have a tea dress or two.
Blue wont suit me near my face so I think that a contrast bodice centre in that plum colour on the roses would be a good idea. Maybe I could buy enough plum cotton for a matching petticoat just a few inches longer than the dress to allow the ruffles to peep under. I can see it now. This would work well with my new plum quinces that I have planned for the Summer with plum ribbons.
And the little gardening dress up there... I fancy using this soft yellow and olive cotton lawn for that. Remember I washed it last year. Its such a fantastic pattern for the summer. No zips, no buttons, no fuss. Just pull it over your head (leave it there if its a bad day), slide on your fae flips (I need a new pair of these too, brown I think...) and head for the weeds...

That was a lovely break from the brush! Ive only got one more coat on the dressing table to do, and another on a small toy chest and Im done in there. Ive catalogued the whole adventure with the camera so pictures of the whole escapade will follow.

Last notes:

  • Im so glad its Sunday tommorow, I need a walk and fresh air in my lungs.

  • The bespoke pages on the website have all been updated with rather swish graphics which Im pleased as punch with. They set the Fairysteps products off a treat.

  • Ive had so many requests from customers to bring back some of the old fairysteps styles that Ive added oodles more to the bespoke shoe page. It wont be long now before I open up to new orders.

  • Ive been working between coats of paint, beavering away..... I hope to be sending out shoes next week to customers.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone x
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